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Massage Buttons

Massage buttons are our favourite skin invention! Made of skin-loving ingredients, these buttons are solid at room temperature and start to glide when in contact with warm skin. These buttons are great for massages, as a regular body moisturiser after taking a shower or bath, perfect for dry winter skin, and to achieve glowing summer skin.

 This product is preservative free, and we always use 100% therapeutic grade/pure essential and fragrance oils to ensure quality. Although our products are made for even the most sensitive skin, test a small amount to ensure compatibility with your skin, as with any product that is new to you. Also, as with all products containing essential oils, please consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

 Please note: during summer months and in warmer climates, some products may liquify. Just pop your product in the fridge, and it should solidify in no time!